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About me

I‘ve been blessed over the past decade to work as a therapist.This has been a privilege: I have worked with nearly every demographic, giving me a wealth of understanding about human behaviour.

Previously, I worked in the corporate world where I experienced first hand human interaction and response.

What I do

I work with individuals, companies and groups to teach techniques in order to create powerful and lasting change by nurturing and strengthening a person's inner resilience. When we are emotionally, mentally and physically balanced. Our response is more rational and well-reasoned rather than reactive.

Why I do it

Human behaviour – our response to any given situation, be it good or bad - will be governed by a number of factors. One of the most important is our perception (of either a situation or person) and our emotions (where we are emotionally at that moment).

As technology has advanced, we have gone some way in bringing awareness to the importance of maintaining well being on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

There are numerous apps to remind us to stop, to breath, to be mindful, to be present, to exercise; Apps to prompt a count down to bedtimes and to wake up in the right frame of mind.

We now live in a world where speed of response often takes precedence over more careful evaluation of situations. How many times have we misread a text message?

As we continue to adapt to real time media platforms and 24/7 news streams, we inevitably end up with a perspective based on sensation and emotion rather than factual evidence. Our feelings are constantly changing minute by minute. These fluctuations could mean that we deal with a situation in a positive way one day, and negatively the next time a similar situation occurs.   

Without doubt, we will all experience some kind of difficultly in our lives, be that from an arising situation or within a relationship. We don’t even need to define it as a difficulty. It may be stress or anxiety over a prolonged period of time that we are trying to cope with, it may be illness, low self esteem, sleep issues, loss or grief. The impact of this will depend on the person's response and then their ability or capacity to recover or adapt.

By having greater self-awareness, we begin to understand the different circumstances and situations that arise, and why they have arisen and how we respond.

Why use me

I empower people by teaching them step-by-step techniques to bring about order and sequence. This assists an individual to make sense of and understand their behaviour, their circumstances, their beliefs and their perceptions. These skills will help them to understand how they may have contributed unknowingly to their circumstances in the past and present.

If the client is engaging and open to change, this can help release negative emotions and avoid unhelpful patterns of response, in turn this can lead to opportunities to react more positively to life circumstances and relationships with greater awareness of oneself.

“A different response will inevitably bring a different outcome equal to an end result.”

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